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A fully integrated LMS platform empowering you to create engaging lessons and deliver them to the right agent, at the right time.

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What is EvaluAgent LMS?

EvaluAgent LMS is a game-changer for the Contact Centre industry. Manage Quality, Coaching and Training in one place to onboard and upskill agents more effectively and efficiently than ever before! 

Key Features of EvaluAgent LMS - the cost-effective way to onboard new agents, train new products and processes and fix underperformance within Customer Service and Sales Teams.

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Easily create and manage engaging training material, online lessons, quizzes and learning paths. There's no need for additional authoring tools here.

  • Create new content and embed existing videos, images, PowerPoints and PDFs into lessons.
  • Migrate to EvaluAgent LMS easily by import current SCORM courses and quizzes.
  • Create interactive quizzes with multiple question ties.
  • Build training paths to ensure new agents are correctly onboarded.
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Make sure agents receive the Training they need with integrated workflows that make enrollment a breeze. Plus, with Smart-Triggers, you can build enrolment rules that automatically assign courses to agents based on line item performance and compliance breaches to address knowledge gaps faster than before. 

  • Assign courses "in the moment" as part of a One-to-One or a standalone action.
  • Remove the need for manual intervention with optional auto-enrollment based on QA results and line item performance.
  • Enrol individuals, teams and entire groups of agents.
  • Open a course library enabling agents to self-enrol and continue their personal development.
EvaluAgent LMS eLearning


Make learning fun and easy with everything a learner needs all in one familiar place. Combine fantastic courses with gamification to maximise motivation, completion rates and knowledge retention. 

  • Gamify learning with points, badges and leaderboards.
  • Formalise achievements with branded certificates.
  • Assign due dates and send reminders in-platform.
  • Provide access from anywhere with a personalised "My Learning Area" for learners.
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Monitor progress and show a return on investment with a whole host of reporting features. Executives have complete, real-time visibility into Training across the organisation whilst team-leaders and agents can see what lessons need to be completed, alongside a record of their 1-2-1 and other actions - all in one place.

  • Monitor total lesson time, results, re-sits and completions.
  • Ensure compliance via real-time audit logs, certification and completion dates.
  • Utilise hierarchical reporting to report by teams, departments, agent and course status.
  • Correlate with QA scores and Coaching sessions to demonstrate the effectiveness of all your efforts.

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Why should you choose EvaluAgent LMS for your Contact Centre?

If you're thinking, "How do we better connect Training with operational support activities such as Quality Assurance, feedback and coaching"then EvaluAgent LMS is the tool for you. 

EvaluAgent is the first All-in-One platform for Quality Assurance, Performance Management and eLearning purpose-built for Customer Service and Sales teams. As a result, only EvaluAgent LMS can help you: 


Supercharge efficiency and reduce training costs

Deliver relevant Training more efficiently than ever before. Agents will improve faster with less operational disruption and far less admin. 

automate Processes

Automate processes and address knowledge gaps

Always enroll the right agent, on the right course, at the right time with integrated workflows and smart triggers which address underperformance automatically.


Showcase the impact and return on investment

Avoid disconnected data silos. Quickly understand the effectiveness of Training on quality scores and other key performance indicators so you can report the impact of your efforts.

Knowledge Retention

Learn from anywhere - and be Lockdown prepared

Standardise Training across every location, from multi-site contact centres to agents sitting on their sofa. EvaluAgent LMS ensures agents are fully supported no matter their situation. 

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