ChatGPT and CX: How SmartScore is another nudge towards great CX


Have you heard the news? Evaluagent is the first QA and Improvement Platform to introduce SmartScore; a transformative feature powered by ChatGPT! Exciting, right?!?

What does this mean? Well, it means you can collect insight, call score and create improvement suggestions with just the click of a button, saving valuable people resources for where their intervention can add more value. You can find out more about SmartScore by reading Jodies’ blog.   

This pretty fantastic addition to Evaluagents kit bag got me thinking about the ultimate impact that this type of technology (Generative AI) can have on your customer experience (CX), and I’ve broken it down into five sections:

Better CX from Quality Assurance

Better CX from Customer Service

Better CX from Sales

Better CX from Employee experience

Better CX from our focus on human interaction

– To support the customer who is most confused or upset, who is most in need. 

– Or to dedicate to the agent who is most in need of being supported and nurtured.

– Or to spend with a group of your peers who most need your expertise, creativity or leadership.

Every minute that AI can give back to us, is a minute we can make matter where it matters most.

To sum up

There is of course a huge amount that we don’t yet know in respect of how technology like ChatGPT will change our lives, and for every good news story, there’s a bad news story too (I hear teachers and lecturers are having a problem with AI written homework!). Despite a healthy amount of pessimism, I believe there are many exciting possibilities in the future of customer experience and Evaluagents’ introduction of SmartScore is likely to be one more enabler to great CX.

Happy CX-ing, 

Katie, Director of CULTIVATE CX

Coming April 2023. Join the waiting list and get ready for the next generation of QA!

Katie Stabler
By Katie Stabler
Katie is a Cheshire based customer experience specialist and published author, dedicated to cultivating high-value customer experience through data, design and culture. Her work is driven by the principle “Make your bed, and then make their day!”, meaning get the basics right and then create those ‘wow’ moments! She has spent over a decade in experience design working within both the not for profit and commercial sector and now runs her own customer experience consultancy, CULTIVATE Customer Experience by Design.

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