Infographic: 5 reasons to choose evaluagent to elevate your QA program

Struggling make your QA program meaningful and impactful? Thanks to decades of experience working on the frontlines in contact centers, we’ve created a platform that helps you address common issues, deliver tangible improvements and better support your agents. Check out our infographic below for more details!

1. Close the insight gap
Built on the belief of leaving no stone unturned, Conversation Intelligence analyzes 100% of interactions – from calls, emails, and social, to web chats, and chatbots. Find the potential and pitfalls across process, policy, product, agent, and customer behaviors.

2.Solve the QA quandary
evaluagentCX ensures your most critical interactions are not only monitored, but enhanced with automation. Our platform assigns, scores and provides feedback on every interaction, helping you consistently drive performance. No more random sampling!

3. Fix the improvement issue
Struggling to turn insights into improvement? Our intuitive reports identify agents needing help, so you can deliver highly targeted, semi-automated training and coaching that elevate EX and CX simultaneously. All of that, while significantly reducing your admin - win-win!

4. Pass the engagement test
To deliver outstanding customer experiences, you need an engaged team. evaluagentCX supports you in empowering your agents by making their performance data accessible and transparent, facilitating open communication, and bringing fun into work with gamification.

Blend AI with human oversight
We believe agents are the heart of the contact center. AI-driven workflows and analysis free up time for more coaching and training, making it easier to support agents, enabling them to deliver a great customer experience and ultimately letting humans do what they do best: connecting and collaborating.
deliver great service at scale

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From AI-driven insights that demonstrate the value of QA, to automated agent improvement – find out how evaluagentCX can help take your QA to the next level.

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