EvaluAgent – LMS Triggers: What Are They And How You Can Use Them


What if we told you there was a way to enrol your agents on highly targeted eLearning courses with no extra admin at all?

You’d be pretty excited, right?

Well. EvaluAgent SmartTriggers inside our new Learning Management Software (LMS) allow you to do just that.

Smart Triggers automate agent enrolment using QA data, resulting in fast and significant improvements to customer interactions. We hope you’ll agree when we say that this highly-targeted (yet easy-to-use, effortless) EvaluAgent feature transforms the benefits your contact centre gets from eLearning

Below, we outline some of the issues traditional enrolment causes contact centres right now and how these automated enrolment rules increase agent engagement, ease workloads elsewhere and contribute to rapidly improving the quality scores of your agents. 

Traditional Enrolment: Where It Works for Contact Centre eLearning

Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting you throw your entire approach to eLearning out the window. There are some areas in which traditional, non-targeted methods to eLearning work perfectly well. 

If there’s a knowledge area that every single one of your agents needs to know about, without exception, traditional enrolment does the job. You sign everyone up for that particular eLearning course and give them a deadline to complete it. No problem. 

Examples of where this works include training about: 

  1. Essential compliance requirements, for example, GDPR and data privacy)
  2. New product launches, especially in fast-paced industries like software
  3. Mandatory onboarding tasks when an agent first joins your contact centre

Traditional Enrolment: Where It Doesn’t Work for Contact Centre eLearning

Manually enrolling agents on eLearning courses does, however, have its limitations. When it comes to filling knowledge gaps and building skills on an individual agent level, manual enrolment causes two main issues: 

  1. If you enrol everyone on the same skills courses, this doesn’t address each agents’ needs. Agents end up taking eLearning in areas they are skilled at already or aren’t relevant to them. This causes disengagement as a result. 
  2. If you rely on team leaders to enrol individual agents on targeted training, you assume that the right course will get sent to the right person on the training team, who will enrol the agent on the right course. This is an awful lot of busy people for the request to get through; at best, it’s a slow process, and at worst, requests slip through the cracks, and agents don’t get the training they need. 

To provide targeted, relevant, and timely training for your agents (and improve their interactions with customers as a result), you need to automate individual agent enrolment. 

To close this training loop, you need Integrated Learning Management Software (LMS). An LMS that seamlessly connects to your QA platform.

What are EvaluAgent’s SmartTriggers?

Because EvaluAgent is an all-in-one platform, it can use data from QA evaluations to automatically enrol agents on training courses relevant to their needs. 

How does this work? Let’s look at a quick example. 

Let’s say that you recently updated a key product of yours and that you wanted to ensure that your agents had retained the knowledge from their initial training and were providing the right info to customers. 

You could create a targeted eLearning lesson on the topic. Then, you could set the system up to auto-enrol all agents who fail a given line on their evaluations multiple times onto this course. This ensures that training is targeted where it’s needed most. Agents get personalised, skills-based training rather than sitting through generic courses that aren’t relevant to their professional development. 

The system is set up on the screen below to auto-enrol everyone who fails the “was all the information given to the customer” criteria three times in a row. You can customise your own auto-enrolment preferences by heading to SETTINGS > Automated lesson settings

(Scorecard view demonstrating when auto-enrolment would be triggered in EvaluAgent’s LMS)

What are the Benefits of LMS Triggers? 

Automated enrolment via LMS triggers is a simple feature that takes very little time to set up. Its impact across your contact centre, however, has the potential to be transformative. 

  1. Agents get personalised support that is relevant to them, exactly when they need it most. They are more likely to engage with targeted eLearning, complete it and offer better customer service as a result.
  2. Team leaders and managers aren’t tasked with yet another thing to add to their never-ending list of admin tasks. You ease the pressure on your line managers whilst removing the possibility that much-needed enrolment slips through the cracks. 
  3. Quality teams can see direct action taken as a result of the QA data they collect. With end-to-end reporting enabled, they can ensure that agent mistakes and knowledge gaps are addressed quicker than ever before. 

All of these benefits combine to create vast performance improvements for frontline agents, which translates into significant customer experience benefits for those that your agents interact with. 

Suppose you can identify a mistake as soon as an agent starts making it and take action to correct that mistake immediately. In that case, you greatly reduce the number of customers who will be negatively impacted by this mistake. And, by providing the right training, you can turn mistakes into opportunities to shine. 

Do you want a chance to see EvaluAgent’s LMS triggers in action?

View our eLearning pager here 

By Tom Palmer
Tom is EvaluAgent’s Head of Digital and takes the lead on developing and implementing our digital and content management strategies which results in creating a compelling, digital-first customer marketing experience.

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