Reward and recognize great performance with Badges from EvaluAgent

The holiday season is upon us! And for all EvaluAgent users, we’re delighted to be able to bring you an early gift in the form of a BETA release of…


Our first step towards greater Gamification inside EvaluAgent, and a brand-new feature designed to recognize and reward agents when Evaluators believe they have gone above and beyond the expected standard defined in your QA scorecard.

What’s a badge?

Built on the back of user feedback, a badge is a sign of recognition that can be attached to an evaluation. Holding no numerical value or impacting how an evaluation is scored a badge can be awarded to an agent, in addition to their evaluation result.

For example, say an agent has scored 100% on an evaluation but throughout the conversation you can see they have gone the extra mile, maybe they have personalized the service for a customer, shown enthusiasm or resolved a complex query swiftly showing exceptional knowledge. In this instance you may want to show recognition above a 100% pass mark, this is where badges come in.

Upon publication of the evaluation, Agents will receive a notification and see confetti the first time they look at the evaluation!

How does it work?

Setting up your first badge

Awarding a badge

Reporting on badges

How can badges be used to recognize and reward great performance? 

1. Award Agents easily without the struggle of changing your QA framework

Scorecards are designed to show the level of expected service. However, if the agent is going above and beyond this, how do you display this? With badges in place, you don’t have to go through the labour and hassle of changing your existing QA framework, keep your scorecards in place and celebrate the above and beyond instances by rewarding a badge. Badges can also be used to motivate agents who are still learning and may not be achieving high scores but still deserve recognition as they progress.

2. Create a library of best practices by filtering conversations that have badges awarded

Training new agents and wanting to show examples of outstanding service, easily filter conversations where badges have been awarded to demonstrate the best levels of service. This can also be used when completing performance reviews to recognize instances of great service and present cases for progression and promotion. 

3. Recognize examples of living by the company values 

Consider using a badge for each one of your company values, and positively reinforce this behaviour by raising visibility with your agents. Create a badge for each one of your core values (Empathy, Ownership etc.) and ask evaluators to award badges whenever they see examples of these company values, regardless of the evaluation outcome to raise their profile across the contact centre, especially with front-line agents or sales reps.  

4. Save time by digitising your existing recognition programme

Instead of spending time on manual processes and individual emails, digitize your program with a couple of clicks after an evaluation. This allows you to quickly give agents the recognition they deserve and save time. They can also keep track of their rewards and recognition through their individual insights report, similar to a loyalty card.

5. Use as a form of recognition by converting badges into physical rewards

If your contact center is looking for a way to implement friendly competition or you already award vouchers, and cash incentives for great performance then badges is a great way to digitize this and motivate agents even further. For example, run incentives such as reach 10 badges and convert this into a £10 voucher and encourage agents to strive for performance levels that deserve badges. 

How does this benefit my organization?

This newest feature helps EvaluAgent customers promote a culture of recognition and appreciation within their organization. With Employee Engagement remaining a challenge and hot topic in the industry today, badges assist in increasing employee motivation, giving agents a greater sense of ownership in their performance, which ultimately leads to higher levels of employee engagement; lowering staff attrition and recruitment costs whilst improving service levels. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start recognizing great performance and improve motivation by using badges today!

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