evaluagentCX provides all-in-one platform to help brands elevate customer experience

8th February 2024

evaluagent, a global leader in contact center quality assurance and performance improvement software, today introduced evaluagentCX, an automated agent engagement platform that helps brands boost the quality of their sales and service interactions with customers.

evaluagentCX is the first platform to connect out-of-the-box, customizable and AI-driven insights from real customer conversations with automated Quality Assurance (QA), to improve CX agent workflows and provide an elevated Customer Experience (CX). The platform evaluates 100% of customer interactions through call, text, chat and email channels to identify actionable insights from every engagement with a customer.

“Businesses need to offer something that’s difficult to achieve in today’s competitive market: an exceptional customer experience,” explained Jaime Scott, Co-founder and CEO of evaluagent. “We believe that high-performing, engaged agents are the best way to deliver exactly that – and this is where evaluagentCX can drive real change. Our platform combines AI-driven outputs and intelligent automation for maximum efficiency, but blends them with the right amount of human oversight to help contact centers evaluate, improve and engage frontline employees. That has a great ripple effect, bringing about customer and business benefits, including higher satisfaction, increased loyalty and reduced operational costs.”

Boosting the quality of interactions with customers in the call center is a critical element of retaining customers and enhancing the value of the brand. evaluagentCX delivers time and process efficiencies that enable rapid and measurable agent performance improvements through targeted coaching and learning. The platform leverages AI and automation to help improve agent performance, enabling QA teams to focus their efforts on the most critical customer interactions.

“There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the CX industry was hailing AI-powered solutions that completely automated QA and coaching,” said Michelle Dinsmore, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, evaluagent. “Now, it’s widely recognized that AI can and should be used to enhance rather than replace human talent. evaluagentCX enables brands to develop highly engaged teams in the contact center, with the right amount of support and HR rigor.”

To drive business and operational improvement at scale, brands need to understand what’s going on with every customer interaction, across every channel. Until now, traditional QA processes typically monitor around just 2% of interactions. This makes it extremely difficult to identify ways to improve CX, as well as other issues (e.g. failures in compliance). It’s also difficult to measure the impact of any improvement actions being taken with such a small sample of data. In contrast, evaluagentCX bridges this insight gap by monitoring every interaction on every channel. It then goes one step further by delivering analysis and insight in an actionable way, at a speed and level of efficiency that enables leaders to put them to use the contact center and wider business.

About evaluagent

evaluagent is a Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement platform that helps contact Center Agents have better conversations with customers. Built by QA leaders, evaluagent’s Smart Quality software blends AI with the best elements of traditional QA to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of QA teams. By automating administration and streamlining workflows, this approach empowers teams to evaluate more interactions, quickly identify areas for improvement and hold meaningful coaching conversations in a single platform. Trusted by leading global organizations, evaluagent is poised to help contact centers of all sizes transform their approach to QA for the good of their agents and their customers. For more information, please visit https://www.evaluagent.com/.

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