Your new Co-Pilot helping you evaluate conversations in seconds

We’ve combined the latest developments in AI and machine learning to integrate ChatGPT into our market-leading QA & Improvement platform. SmartScore will accelerate the evaluation process and support your QA team without removing human oversight.

  • Evaluate faster

    Evaluate ANY conversation in less than 10 seconds

  • One Click

    No lengthy implementation process, start using SmartScore with the click of a button.

  • Low cost

    Free trial & usage-based pricing means you no longer have to spend thousands to auto-score.

  • Augment

    Allow Evaluators to add more value with a focus on coaching & training.

Evaluate any conversation in seconds with just one press of the button with the world’s first Chat-GPT powered Quality Management Platform

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With just a click of the button, SmartScore will summarise the conversation for greater insight, automate the scoring of line items and provide AI-powered coaching tips to supercharge agent improvement.

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