Save time and money by storing all conversations, QA and performance data in one platform. EvaluAgent integrates easily with all major CRM, WFM, telephony, call recording and ticket management systems.

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  • Save time

    Integrating EvaluAgent into your tech-stack couldn’t be any easier. Simply enter your platform credentials to start fetching conversations into EvaluAgent. Pre-built integrations are available for over fifty platforms and we’re releasing new ones every month.

  • Save money

    The ability to review, playback and score multi-channel conversations in one place supercharges QA productivity by up to 300%. But that’s just the start - by storing your calls and tickets with EvaluAgent, you’ll save thousands on storage costs.

  • Global secure cloud storage

    Keep your data safe with ISO27001 and GDPR-compliant security standards, and remove customer identifiable information (CII) from imported calls and tickets with automated text and speech redaction tools.

  • Flexible control

    You configure exactly which types of conversations to fetch into EvaluAgent and don’t worry, unlike other QA platforms, EvaluAgent works perfectly well on its own if you don’t want to integrate.

  • Open API

    Use EvaluAgent’s open API to push performance insights and performance management events into your BI and HR systems.

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We originally integrated EvaluAgent with Calabrio. More recently, the client started managing calls via Twilio Flex and we were able to connect EvaluAgent. In both cases, the process was very smooth and painless.

Matt Winkless

Technical Consultant