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Call Centre Quality Monitoring Software

Reduce operational costs, increase sales, and deliver an enhanced customer experience by super-charging your quality assurance programme.

Works with any CRM or Call Recording System

We believe that your call-recording platform, CRM or ticketing system shouldn’t restrict how you measure and improve quality. Just sign-up and start evaluating!

No system integrations or technical assistance required.


Packed with all the features you and your team need!

Quality Assurance Software that does more than just score.

Build scorecards with ease

Access our library of scorecards to help get you started or take advantage of the intuitive scorecard builder to replicate your existing approach.

Add sections, questions, steps, reporting tags and guidelines and choose from a range of best-practice scoring templates.

Create a new template or mirror your scoring framework

Over the last twenty years, we’ve come across more scoring frameworks than you could think of. Because there's no right or wrong way, EvaluAgent is completely flexible.

Mirror your existing approach, configure pre-built templates or design new ways of scoring entirely. We won't hold you back, and neither will our platform.

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Increase productivity by over 285%

Pinpoint and prompt specific types of contacts to evaluate and create work-queues that help evaluators better manage their workload.


Evaluate all channels and back-office processes in one place

Whether you’re evaluating calls, emails, letters or back-office outputs, the clean design and user-friendly screens help everyone to engage with quality.

Easy access to guidelines, feedback and results improves consistency while our case management feature allows you to report end-to-end customer experience across multiple contacts and channels.

Build Agent Engagement

Nurture and support a new generation of agent; engaged, informed, enthused and capable of delivering a superior and compliant customer experience.

  • Send completed evaluations to agents in real-time.
  • Provide agents with a personalised dashboard of their own results and performance trends.
  • Enable the agent to access their feedback and coaching records and allow them to participate in the feedback and coaching process.
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Focus on the biggest opportunities

Our advanced reporting helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most. With just a few drill-downs, you’ll be able to answer:

  • Which agents are underperforming and in need of support
  • Which parts of the customer experience or back-office operation are failing
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Build your own reports

Configure reports and monitor the performance metrics that matter most to you. Filter results by channel, evaluation mode, scorecard and much more to help pinpoint root-cause.

Collate results based on your organisation hierarchy and view agent performance side-by-side. All to help you identify pockets of underperformance, support Pareto Analysis and satisfy any MI / BI requirements.


Easy access to your data

View a snapshot of performance and trends via the dashboard or easily export data for more detailed analysis.

Access to data is driven by permissions too - enabling senior managers to see top-level performance, team leaders to monitor their team and agents to access their own quality scores.


Remove the hassle and save time

Don’t waste hours chasing, collating and inputting data into spreadsheets! Instead, benefit from EvaluAgent’s highly efficient workflows. Invite colleagues to “blind” evaluate, auto-collate results, manage calibration sessions, and report performance - all in one place.

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Eliminate inconsistencies and bias

Intuitive reports help you to understand how closely (or not) colleagues are evaluating contacts against the expected standard. Improve scoring consistency, increase fairness and build trust amongst evaluators, team leaders and agents.

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Demonstrate a more rigorous approach to risk management

Access calibration sessions, trends and feedback to demonstrate an effective risk management strategy and compliance with industry regulations. Also great for quality teams within outsourcers who wish to report unbiased results and achieve higher levels of consistency and trust with their clients.

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Best practice feedback and coaching

Design and build your own feedback and coaching forms or choose from our library of best-practice templates based on industry-recognised GROW, OSKAR, and CLEAR models.

What’s more, EvaluAgent guides coaches through a simple process of recapping and selecting focus items for today before documenting the conversation and agreeing on next steps.

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Get more value from quality results and customer feedback

Focus attention on the skills and knowledge gaps that have the biggest impact on improving customer experience and operational efficiency. Easily access quality results from within the platform or upload performance data and documentation as the focus of a coaching session.


Motivate the front-line

Provide everyone with access to their very own performance dashboard, feedback and coaching logs. Inspire agents to take ownership of their development by prompting them to reflect and acknowledge feedback and coaching conversations.

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Measure and document

Measure, track and ensure coaching and feedback sessions are happening, and everyone involved in the process is properly supported.

With everything stored within a secure GDPR-compliant platform, EvaluAgent can be used to support formal HR and performance management procedures too - No loose paper in sight!

Coaching analystics

Happy agents, happy customers.

We place agents at the heart of what we do and believe you should too. Via their own login, EvaluAgent enables agents to quickly identify their top and bottom performing skills, and in doing so, facilitates self-correcting behaviour.

Screen shot Six - 9

Engage agents throughout the QA process.

Ensure agents always have access to quality guidelines and examples of best practice so they can fully understand the expected standard.

To further build awareness and knowledge, you can also invite agents to self-evaluate and participate in calibration sessions.

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Boost performance and encourage ownership

Agents love EvaluAgent. It's easy to learn, and desktop access to their feedback and coaching records gives them total visibility of performance and where they need to improve.

By investing in your front-line, you'll get a thumbs up from employees and customers. Put simply, EvaluAgent reduces mistakes, employee churn and unhappy customers.


Enterprise-level security

Delivered in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Twilio.

100% GDPR Compliant


No storage limits


99.9 %Uptime


Regional Hosting Available

Great support - delivered by experts.

EvaluAgent is much more than just great software. All users have access to a best-in-class support model that includes In-App onboarding, user-guides, email support and an active user community.

What’s more, our experienced customer success team are always on hand to provide advice as well as giving you access to a suite of additional services including prioritised feature requests, dedicated training and bespoke workshops.

EvaluAgent provides everything you need to evaluate, coach and engage your customer service and sales teams, so why wait?
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