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Analyse interactions across every channel.

With more contact channels than ever before, we don’t have to tell you that understanding the quality of service your agents provide is near impossible without robust quality monitoring software.

EvaluAgent® empowers you to measure and improve calls, emails, letters, chat and back-office processes - enabling you to store, compare, and analyse performance data, all in one place.

Works alongside your existing call recording platform.

We believe that your choice of call recording and case management systems shouldn't restrict your choice of quality management software.

That's why EvaluAgent® is completely platform agnostic and designed to work in tandem with your existing infrastructure. The result? Rapid implementation at minimal cost.

Configure & Build

Create as many scorecards as you need with a flexible and intuitive scorecard builder or take advantage of our best practice library.

  • Add line items and sections
  • Assign tags to enable filtered reports
  • Weight line items and sections
  • Subdivide process adherence line items into discrete steps
  • Design and implement your own scoring templates
  • Configure critical-fail line items and scorecard pass rate(s)
  • Enable feedback at line item, section and/or scorecard-level
  • Document the expected standards for each line item

Evaluate & Comply

Evaluate contacts against soft-skills, process adherence and regulatory compliance metrics to deliver positive business outcomes and prove the fair treatment of customers.

  • Evaluate soft-skills, process adherence and risk compliance
  • Link evaluations to the underlying contact
  • Link multiple evaluations to a specific case
  • Access the expected standards to improve consistency
  • Select evaluations for calibration, instant feedback or recognition for high performance
  • Save and return to complete / publish at a later date

Compare & Calibrate

Understand how team leaders and coaches are evaluating, so you can ensure consistencies and deliver feedback agents will take onboard.

  • Select any evaluation(s) for calibration or second/third line defence auditing
  • Schedule calibration sessions within the platform
  • Enable invitees to blind evaluate
  • Bring blind scores together to help derive a calibrated result
  • Capture feedback for each invitee
  • Capture results to drive powerful calibration and consistency performance reporting

Feedback & Coach

Nurture and support a new generation of agent; engaged, informed, enthused and capable of delivering a superior and compliant customer experience.

  • Instantly flag and feedback breaches to agents
  • Recognise high performance
  • Schedule, notify and facilitate coaching sessions
  • Empower agents to play an active part in coaching
  • Retain a complete record of all feedback and coaching outputs
  • Track feedback and correlate feedback to performance improvement

Survey & Insight

Use our integrated surveys to gather post-contact feedback and link customer sentiment to internal quality scores and performance data.

  • Gather feedback straight after a call, email, letter or chat session
  • Agent-deployed surveys with anti-gaming for rapid implementation at minimal cost and zero system integration
  • Up to 50% response rate
  • Tailored questions with your metric of choice (CSat, NPS, Ease)
  • Track high level metrics and capture voice of the customer (VoC)
  • Powerful text analytics to turn VoC into actionable insight

Report & Engage

All users, especially agents, can access performance scores using focused and interactive dashboards and reports. The result? Engaged team leaders and agents who have the tools to take control of their own performance.

  • Real-time feedback for agents and managers
  • Track and compare quality and survey metrics in one place
  • View performance trends and comparisons against peers, previous periods and targets with intuitive dashboards
  • Engaging reports; built for call centres, by call centre experts
  • Advanced compliance reports to highlight critical fails  and performance against regulatory risk

Boost your ROI with simple & flexible pricing.

Too often, sales people sell you the dream in the demo, and then shatter it when those snazzy functions and features come with an eye-watering price tag.

With our fresh approach to Quality Monitoring Software, there’s no big upfront investment or additional expense. Instead, you simply pay per user, per month. And what’s more if you use fewer licences than you planned - we’ll refund the difference.

It's all in service of a great return on investment.

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