Support and engage remote team members with real-time feedback that helps them to improve on their very next call.

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  • Flexible feedback options

    Provide feedback on any subject at any point in the evaluation process or working day, and configure feedback topics to reflect your workplace culture.

  • Access feedback in real time

    Provide agents with individual logins so they can acknowledge their own feedback and results as soon as you’ve finished auditing.

  • “Call out” great performance

    Boost team morale by recognising and sharing positive feedback with the whole (remote) team via Microsoft Teams or Slack channels.

  • Close the loop

    Inspire a culture of collaboration and open communication where everyone is empowered to provide and acknowledge feedback.

  • Uncover hidden problems and policy issues

    Analyse your entire feedback log using keyword search and analytics to uncover systemic issues hampering agent performance, process compliance and customer satisfaction.

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Support and engage colleagues with real-time feedback

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Real-time feedback to our agents is vital. EvaluAgent is embedded in our culture and any problem can now be remedied in real time.

Bruce Evison

Head of Service Desk at Mirus IT