evaluagentCX helps contact centers ditch unreliable customer surveys with AI-powered NPS

evaluagent invites product testers for incoming feature, xNPS (Expected Net Promoter Score).

24th April 2024

Middlesbrough, UK – April 24, 2024 – evaluagent, a global leader in contact center quality assurance and performance improvement software, is pleased to announce a leading-edge new feature coming to its award-winning platform evaluagentCX.

xNPS (Expected Net Promoter Score) has been designed to replace post-contact surveys with a generative AI-based result from every interaction. Requiring no historical data to get up and running, xNPS sets out to help contact centers achieve deeper, more accurate insights – waving goodbye to an average response rate of 3% and instead, generating a score from 100% of interactions.

Enabled with seamless one-click activation, xNPS is evaluagent’s first step on the journey to predictive analytics. This development paves the way to connect xNPS ratings, along with other metrics and insights, to the automated QA workflows that surface must-monitor customer conversations.

Further to highly positive in-house testing, evaluagent’s Product team will be getting evaluagentCX users testing the feature as part of an early access program.

Nadine Edmondson, Director of Product Marketing and GTM says: “The development of xNPS means evaluagentCX users will get a far more representative view of customers’ feelings, beyond individual agents’ performance. They won’t be limited to a small sample size of their audience anymore, enabling them to make more informed decisions, understand the pitfalls and opportunities, and use the analysis to drive positive impact across the business. We’re very excited about the potential of this feature and how these scores can then be connected to other insights within the platform, ultimately elevating our clients’ understanding of their customer experience.”

The xNPS early access program is available to join for evaluagentCX users now. Learn more about the feature and sign up for beta testing on evaluagent’s Knowledge Hub.