Speech and Text Analytics

Increase QA coverage by classifying and auto-scoring every call, email, and chat session for CX and regulatory compliance.

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  • Target the conversations that matter

    Automatically score every agent interaction, or build your own signals and filters to only auto-score conversations that match high-risk search parameters like sales or poor survey results

  • Highly accurate transcription

    Access best-in-class cognitive services and machine learning that identifies your business-specific words and phrases to boost call-transcription accuracy.

  • Identify reasons for contact and customer intention

    Configure models that combine metadata with analytics to help identify customers’ reasons for contacting you.

  • Auto-score customer experience (CX)

    Start automated scoring for sentiment and soft-skills as soon as you implement EvaluAgent.

  • Configure automated compliance checks

    Cover your bases by automatically scoring conversations for compliance to industry regulations, with real-time alerts to drive immediate corrective action for lapses in ID&V, script adherence or mis-selling to vulnerable customers.

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